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the yankees'lead. here comes mark teixeira. he will score yankees leading 1- 0. 2-0 yankees in the 7th. curtis granderson back away, gone. a second deck shot into right field enough for cc sabathia, a complete game. yankees win. final 3-1. >>> now, the as were supposed to lose 100 games, remember? no. i talked with general manager billy beane. the group should be back in 2013. >> we set out to have something sustainable and stability for a couple of years. the one good thing last night when we knew this team was coming back by and large. that's good. >> top five number 5 nationwide series in charlotte. joey logano tallest driver on tour 6'5" eighth series win of the year. number 4 qualifying match versus antigua eddie johnson up top for the goal. u.s. wins 2-1. number 3, second round frys.com moment, guy can putt. four shot lead. college basketball midnight mass doug anderson over three cheerleaders but at number one, ho ho, missouri's kenyon bell ho ho, missouri's kenyon bell dumps over at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, s
, in chapel hill, what happened to the yankees. usc with the old throwback union and thomas with davis, 39. hope he's all tied up at 14. the good news. the bad news is 4th and quarter. where is the defense, 62 yards and it went worse from there and the hokies fall and give up 48 points to north carolina. i can't believe this, people. they lose 38-34. >>> and navy taking on air force in colorado. the navy down by 8 and reynolds on the option and that is a good option. he's going to score and they get the two-point conversion. we're all died up -- died up. go to overtime, the snack is fumbled, the referee signals touchdown and what happened? take another look. the right guard, jake zoo zach is fallling on the ball and this is how he gets the win. 24-21 and one another score, florida beat florida a&m. the bisons are 4-1. congratulations to him. tomorrow, the nats fans getting ready for you read the entire major leagues with 21 wins and we'll take to the mound for the nats when they take on st. louis. he's fired up for the challenge. >> you take it with a smile, you know. the first time ever e
baseball back to oakland. >> game 5 yankees and orioles. yankees bench the slumping ale alex. highest paid man in the game taking a seat. 3 nothing yankees. cc tv pritd of vallejo goes the distance. 4 hit shut out. 3-1 yankees. face detroit in the alcs tomorrow with detroit. >> new york giants won the superbowl last year. giants return this sunday adding fuel to the rivalry here. comments made by giants offensive coordinator kevin gill bright who said defensive line man smith gets away with murder every play. holding offensive line man. jim harbaugh fired back called the comments absur absurd. i sat down with justin eay this week to get his thoughts on the giants. >> they came out here. beat us in our house to go on to win the super bowl 0so hat off to them. they are a good team. with elite quarterback and it's going to be a tough challenge. >> taste still in my mouth. it really is. but i'm going to go out there and play my game. play lasts. under control. just go out there and do what i do to help the team. >>reporter: justin would never hold anybody. the raiders in atlant
against the yankees. 1-0 new york in the third. a two run sing 8 -- 3-20 orioles in the 9th. jim johnson. roughed up for five. yesterday, with the yankees down in order. 1-1 series. they are going to yankee stadium come wednesday. the offense absolutely s many, othered and the pitching destroyed in the first couple games, it's up to the giants themselves to try to prove everybody wrong. you would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes we are about to see a recreation of 2010, ryan -- will get the ball tomorrow and an afternoon effort to get the thing rolling in the right direction for san francisco. the giants not kidding themselves about going back down to cincinnati, 2-0. >> sure it's difficult but -- it's -- it's again the best out of five. have you to win that third game and we are alive and i guess it's -- more than anything -- it's -- you have to have the attitude never say die. you come out and play hard and you see what happens. >> meanwhile guess we shouldn't forget st. louis. proven otherwise. johnny james in center. beautiful catch with st. louis defense. to rob danny o
to the american league championship series. post game reaction at 11:00 o'clock. yankees closing out series with the orioles. mccloud that is gone. his first homer of the series. and 1 nothing baltimore. bottom half of the innings. yankees jason. mccloud. to the wall and makes the catch. in front of the state farm sichbility yankees tied in the sixth. just like last night they went to extra. top 13. jj hardy. deep off the wall to score. manny and baltimore ties this series at 2 games a piece. 2-1 victory in 13 innings. earlier today the giants took care of the business. climbingut of a two game to none coffin winning final 3 games of the play off series with the reds. penn once again head cheer leader before the game. pitchers dual early on. one of the 5 strike out victims. 5th inning after a crawford rbi triple. boot the angel and scores 2 nothing giants. that was the big blow. buster mvp. grand slam giants erupt for 6 runs in the inning. take a 6 nothing lead only to see this back. ludwig. man. that guy is dangerous. in the fifth. solo shot. that was in the sixth.
. baltimore given the yankees everything they wanted and more but in the end another lefty with bay area connections does come through. vallejo's own c.c. sabathia take it is ball and does not give it back until it's complete. it was scoreless in the fourth. raul ibanez a mere single this time that breaks a scoreless tie. mark texeria scoring 1-0. then just let cc do his thing. a complete game four hitter, 3- 1 the final. now the yankees win the series and host detroit game one saturday night in the bronx. >>> hello does anyone remember the 49ers are hosting the new york giants. rematch of the title game at candle stick. it was a good game and nobody was paying attention to it. they can taste the super bowl. >> we wanted that game bad. we wanted it i mean, more than anything in the world. i mean we were right there. everyone was fired up, momentum was on our side. and then we you know we started to lose it. they outplayed us. we made some mistakes and pretty much cost us the game. >> we all remember what happened in overtime first in our high school game of the week series. overtime grea
are fighting to keep the yankees to keep their season alive tonight. bronx game five was the location, winner facing the tigers. no a-rod tonight. bottom of the 6th, yangs up 1- desorbs ichiro -- yanks up 1-0. ichiro with a runner off. derek jeter comes around to score. yankees add another in the 7th and go ahead 3 -0. big opportunity in the 8th. down two, o's with bases loaded, j.j. hardy, slow roeder to short. jeter makes the play in time to first. so top of the 90 now, o's down to their final out. last chance matt wieters grounds out, ends the ballgame c.c. sabathia is the first yankees pitcher to complete the game, orioles fall 3-1 the final. >> as much fun as i've had in the big leagues watching how they've played the game every day and the standard they held themself to and the way they raised the bar in baltimore with each other. it was about them. they cared about pleasing their teammates and playing to a certain standard and want to congratulate the yankees. they're great team and wish them well in the next round. >> a quick turnaround for the bronx bombers, an 8:00 start against the
game 4. >> postseason baseball all day long wednesday. the yankees and orioles had a prime-time game. and a prime-time performance from the new york from ibanez the game with a solo home run. he did it again in extra innings. the yankees win 3-2, now leading the series. they will play tonight at 7:30. >> in the other two games the giants beat the reds, forcing a decisive game 5, later today. and game 5 in oakland after the oakland a's rallied with three runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to defeat. defeat >>-- to defeat their opponent. >> r.g. iii seems to be doing ok. he still may not be up to full speed and ready to go against the vikings on sunday says mike shanahan. but he's making sure his mind is clear. >> they are taking the proper precautions to make sure i'm ready to go, that i don't have any symptoms. i continue to get evaluated every day. the only symptom i have is irritability because they keep asking the same questions. [laughter] but they are doing their job and i respect them for it. >> blaming that on a concussion. the redskins and vikings game is at fedex field a
three thriller between the yankees and orioles. ibanez launched a solo homer to tie it at two. then facing brian matusz and that is is gone. yankees win 3-2 and lead that series now two games to one. now, to the giants after being held to four runs in the first three games of of their series with cincinnati the giants offense finally showed up and moving tim lincecum to the bullpen looks like brillance from the manager. from down 2-0 the giants have evened up the playoff series. hunter pence the team cheer leader pregame and whatever he said it was effective because on the second pitch of the game goes yard. second inning. tied at one. flexing his muscle. hitter's park. homeruns fly out of there. 3-1 giants. barry zito speaking of homeruns is flying out of there, lasted just two and two thirds. ryan ludwig with the solo blast and the hook came for zito. back be to the new ace out o of the pen tim lincecum inherited runners. timmy was brilliant. the giant offense suddenly alive after three games. sandoval crushes that pitch. another two-run homer giants took an 8-3 lead in the
will play at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow if the a's whe win.. the yankees are dominating prime-time spots. >> the first playoff game since 1933. and pete cozma from the cardinals and st louis 8-0 and strausburg is not available for the nationals and the game of the night..can you see the a's... detroit 2-0 the tbs game...maybe glasses?? i cannot see it either thank you! alex rodriguez... he makes over $26 million per year. anda rod ...bottom of the 12 hits another one and yanke es win 2-1 and alex carres passes away and moves to acting father on 'webster' and 'blazing saddles' he was 77 giants vs. the 49ers of the nfc harbaough and w illiam's looking good. kyle williams... >> i cannot wait. i am trying not to do too much everybody has a role to play. we have a great team. we have something that we should have. going into something that we should.. >> let us take a look at that san francisco 49ers. their weight room is 9000 square feet. it is going to be used frequently when they bring in free agents. and remember, that if you are in a job if they are cutting back? remember, the san franci
is not an action occurred as curtis went deep. and cc the native wrote it out with yankees' three-one the will play against detroit tomorrow came one of the american league championship. of course detroit against the a's with oakland over. however, the fans did not want to leave. (chanting) 'let's go all the way"... >> i would say that the last couple of weeks there has been a love affair between the a's and their fans. the ownership group that keeps moving to san jose is kind of pushed out of the way by the fans and the players. they loved each other. and the fans and players appreciate each other. and of course they are cleaning out their lockers at the oakland coliseum. spring training. is in february. and brandon mccarthy, johnny gomes free agent but billy has a lot of good players coming back. >> one thing we set out to do is create something that was sustainable and some staying power. one thing i noticed which was really special was the call of from france. and knowing that this team was really going to be coming back and this game 30 years or so and to enjoy the entire season. this was pro
. that's for sure. >> and the orioles and yankees are tied at two in the seventh inning up in camden yards. beltway baseball. >> what a crazy, exciting day. >> all right. thank you. >> talk about a tough day on the job. look at this surveillance individual -- video, a truck into a a front of a store. the driver was able to take off but an eyewitness got the truckas license plate number. the driver was later arrested on numerous charges including drunk driving. amazingly, though, no one was se >> going to be even colder tomorrow morning. >> very cold monday morning. we're talking 30's in some suburbs and low to mid 40's within the beltway. looking ahead at this week, wednesday is the closest we will be to the average high temperature. otherwise generally cool. until we get to sunday. but for the work week a cool week overall. and just some areas of light rain monday and a brief little shot on wednesday. >> below average right? ok. thanks. thank you for watching. >> we're going to be right [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military. i served in
. if they win it's on to the alds against the yankees. >>> stay with us. after the break county skins reclaim home field advantage? now is the time. we'll hear from players next. >>> robert griffin, iii and alfred morse are tied with touchdowns and the team ranked first in the league for rushing yards for game. so you know what's expected when the falcons come to town sunday. dating back to last sunday, the redskins have not exactly owned home field advantage. if there's ever a time to get that back, it's right now because the next two games are home beginning sunday against the 4-0 atlanta falcons. >> if you want to be a playoff team, you have to be able to defend your home turf. all the great teams do it and that's the type of season and type of atmosphere you want at home. >> we got to play 60 minutes. we come off strong every game. we get a comfortable lead. we feel like we're comfortable. we have to put it all together and play the whole 60 minutes and hopefully come out with a win. >>> have to give a shout out to good council beat dematha tonight. go falcons. we'll be right back. are yo
francisco staves off. the orioles continued their battle with the yankees tonight. >> october is in falls bling -- in ful swing. game three of the mlbs. washington was one of the best teams at home. a 50-31 record. 12-4. the nats are still calm and collected. >> we play pretty well here. it wasa blow out. -- a blow out. those are a little easier to take them a close one. >> robert crippen iii will practice today -- rg iii will practice today. he was diagnosed with a concussion under nfl rules, he must be cleared by a team physician and an independent consultant before playing in a game. that is a look a year sports. have a great day. >> 5:36. 55 degrees. morning islamic continue biggert still ahead, less than a month now -- more news >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> you will need a great you're near the ballpark today to prepare for the huge c as they nats prepare for game 3 against the cardinals. good morning. it is wednesday, october 10. >> let's go straight to our meteorologist. >> plenty of red in the weather center. we will be live down there
any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. the orioles one strike away be one yankees could swing away. the series is tied at one game apiece. johnson back to form jim johnson. they are at one game apiece. the series continues on wednesday. will finish it in new york. the houston texans remain unbeaten. they defeated the new york jets, 23-17. mark sanchez struggling again. having trouble with the offense. mchenry has a look at the nationals in st. louis. the nationals are back in town. they and the cardinals played yesterday. they're getting set for tomorrow's game. nationals in aholt at. ryan zimmerman tried to change and makes it 7-2. that gives you hope. danny espinoza hits a fly ball. espinoza was robbed of a great hit. then carlos ball tran -- be crushes a solo shot. >> unfortunately, we go home. >> that's a look at sports. have a great day. >> it's 5:27 writedowns, 46 degrees. continues at 5:30. >> new developments in the ongoing debate over same-sex n maryland. which group now is launching a new ad in support of ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomato
and the o's win 5-1. face the yankees in the al division series. giants open the division series against the reds tomorrow night. first pitch 7:30 p.m. the signature moment of the season here. per game. 16 and 5. giants were 3 and 4 head to head against the red this season. pitching pressure situation get you ready for the post season where every throw is big. >> something you can use to your advantage because post season is so much fun and you work so hard to get here all year and i think you have to really enjoy just property so he was being in this position and really take advantage of it. >>reporter: 10 years ago baker took the giants to the world series. back now guiding the reds. just had a stroke minor stroke but took time off lost weight and back playing in san francisco. >> i feel in very comfortable here. i think my team likecomid town. a lot of excitement going on around her and if you are going to get to the championship you can't bypass anybody. >>reporter: a's arrive in detroit yesterday. parker the nod to start game 1 against the tigers. f justin and parker a
the 5-1 win. they'll now meet the yankees if they are wondering about protocol, you do pop champagne after a win. the story may now be sinking in after winning the al west on wednesday. parker will be the starting pitcher and he doesn't think the team'sability to stay loose will change in the playoffs. >>> i don't think there's anybody on this team that's going to change their approach or the way they get ready for the game like they did these last few weeks and the series against texas is about as close as it gets in a post season atmosphere. >> in the national league the card anaturals are moving -- cardinals are moving on. the braves have themselves to blame for the 6-2 hole they dug. ground ball to short. simmons throws it away at the plate. chambers slides in safely. 6-3 in the 8th. the braves are rallying. runners at 1st and second. pop up to short left. gives way to left fielder matt holiday and the ball drops. the infield fly rule had been called. the fans found out that simmons was out, they littered the field with garbage. the cardinals got out and went on to win by that 6-
in the post season after the 5-1 win. they'll now meet the yankees if they are wondering about protocol, you do pop champagne after a win. the story may now be sinking in after winning the al west on wednesday. parker will be the starting pitcher and he doesn't think the team'sability to stay loose will change in the playoffs. >>> i don't think there's anybody on this team that's going to change their approach or the way they get ready for the game like they did these last few weeks and the series against texas is about as close as it gets in a post season atmosphere. >> in the national league the card anaturals are moving -- cardinals are moving on. the braves have themselves to blame for the 6-2 hole they dug. ground ball to short. simmons throws it away at the plate. chambers slides in safely. 6-3 in the 8th. the braves are rallying. runners at 1st and second. pop up to short left. gives way to left fielder matt holiday and the ball drops. the infield fly rule had been called. the fans found out that simmons was out, they littered the field with garbage. the cardinals got out and went on
running in last night's orioles yankees game. 1st inning cano with a double. ichiro suzuki coming home. will he get in there? he misses that one. misses another one. gets the hand in there. he is safe. play of the day. but the orioles won the game 3- 2. look at that. boom got him there, no, little tap dance, gets the right hand down. that is nice. >>> 6:26. coming up, do or die play-off game for the as. so why won't the team's owner remove the outfield tarp to free up more seats? >> a lot of people asking that question. plus he is in a pennsylvania courtroom right now. how long convicted child molester jerry sandusky could spend behind bars. >> and president obama raised millions of dollars in campaign cash in his last visit here to the bay area. but now he is shifting gears. we'll tell you where he is going next and why some say it's crucial to his re- election. ,,,, one try can relieve your nightly congestion without the blowing the stacking the steaming. that's the transformative power of one ingenious little breathe right. try one free at breatheright.com and open your nose instant
the orioles or the yankees who battle it out in their game 5 later tonight. >>> how about the giants? they became the first time in big league history to win three straight on the road to close out a five-game series to win three straight on the road. it was a nail biter. posey with a big grand slam to make it 6-0 in the fifth. giants beat the reds 6-4. they will start the nlcs sunday on the road in washington or at home against st. louis. those two teams have at it tonight in their game 5, as well. >>> 6:12. if you are just joining us, the muni tunnel in san francisco is shut down because of a fire in the west portal neighborhood. these are live pictures right now. it's affecting many lines on muni. elizabeth is going to have more on the traffic impact in just a few minutes. >> and from outer space to the streets of l.a., shuttle endeavour slowly making its way to retirement. >> sadness and finger-pointing in berkeley. why a redwood tree has to be cut down to make way for a library. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then don't miss sleep train's wbest rest event.st ever? you'll find sleep train's ve
clooney. >>gregg: you guys have yankee ties on, right? you were there monday night? you are the good luck charm. >> we got them in the playoffs and we need to get them in the series. >>gregg: thanks so you. more our campaign insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m., monday and they will be back here next sunday. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>gregg: and tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, you will want to tune in for "behind obama's green agenda," exposing rogue regulators at epa who have falsified evidence to stop energy companies in their operations and a so-called sustainability program that some say aims to dismantle america's capitalist system. you could be shocked by what we cover at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>hea
orioles pitcher out and pitched with the game for the yankees and orioles. >> i tell you playoff baseball really elevates. when it comes to the playoffs and it's very exciting. >> i am still looking for the sideline stories in the one i like from the oil police and not state troopers there because you heard in the first game with the state troopers did to the in the dugout. the state troopers are supposed to guard the dugout it tonight inning and they ask dieter and switcher can we have your autograph. >> the player said he was pretty this i'm busy that time i will give you later. >> if you are in a good move if you're feeling good it'll take you one second wouldn't it. >> you know what next time in the middle of your sports cast i will send a kid up to you as excuse me excuse me and like your autograph. >> i understand and theory that you want people--you don't want people just coming out of the stand but it is a state trooper. >> i have a lot of nerve but i would not ask for that. >> i would not either but once the guy asked and i making these comments as i lie on my bed. it's so easy t
rangers. if they alreang e on let's just blow thm out so we can move on. to play even the new york yankees or the baltimore orioles. thank you will we will be following the latest with baseball throughout the day. >> is 7 05 a.m. and a look of the weather and traffic georgia will start with you the hotspots. >> tracking hot spots earlier this morning start of the problems in marin and accident at carlson at interstate 80 west bound that crash is gone. look what it has done to the ride back up to pie with a fork and already a bit beyond with a 40 minute drive time that is about twice the usual commute time for this hour. that more subtle crashed in north 101 in the key maybe blocking part of the right hand lane is jam from highway 85 and push this dry time which should be from about 21-23 minutes. we have lost all of the bay bridge it has been cleared their starting to decipher the meager and lightsup this morning it looks like it will hold on to the afternoon. speaking of the afternoon as take a look at what's on tap for the coast bay and in communities. >> partly cloudy along the coast te
the new york yankees or though baltimore orioles. >> here is the scene of victory in cincinnati yesterday as the san into next week. >> it could be depends on who wins today i don't think anybody thought when the giants left on sunday trailing the reds to game to nothing that they would be hosting another game. now they are only eight wins away from winning their second world series in two years. unbelievable story. the one yesterday to clinch the division title not ever go on to the league championship series. the pins on who wins today give the cardinals win they will be hosting the first two games sunday and monday at the nationals with a lon they wl hait is the first time in the national league pitcher that a team can't from two games down to win. it was a heart stopper yesterday i think any and everybody who watched it saw an had memories of 2010 that torturous season looks like is starting again. >> it could have been any more spectacular than with buster posey at a grand slam. >> either a 44 year-old man with two kids a mortgage and i cannot even watch the games. i am stuck listeni
, the yankees benched him in favor of 40-year-old raul ibanez. and guess what happened in the ninth inning. get out of here. a shot to right, bottom nine, ties the game against baltimore. and then, guess what happened in the 12th inning. as people here are still struggling home, i unfortunately stayed up for every pitch. i'm working on reserves right now. the yanks go home winners. also, the a's win in dramatic fashion. st. louis, san francisco also wins. playoff baseball has officially arrived. >> you have to love that finish. >> it was great. >> it really was. >>> the race for the white house. and with 26 days to go, it's time for the next big debate. the v.p. candidates square off. high stakes and high pressure, as new polls show mitt romney closing the gap in some key states. it's "your voice, your vote." and jonathan karl at the debate site in kentucky, where biden and ryan will square off. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. right down on that stage is the one and only showdown between vice president biden and paul an. and the stakes are as high as they've ever been for
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